Best Vertical Shock Review – Does it work in 2017?

Vert shock review

If you have been passionate about basketball for quite some time now, you must be very familiar with the concept of making the perfect vertical jump. Even though you would find a lot of people to not be tall enough for it, it would still be considered to be important nonetheless.


Why is vertical jump training important?

When talking about Vert shock, you would find the main focus to be on vertical jump training. Despite the fact that many people think that this talent could be naturally acquired, other people would not be so blessed. However, the vertical jump is the skill which would distinguish you from the other basketball players out there. It would not matter if you do not have the speed or the agility to become a famous basketball player. But it would actually be your vertical jump that would help you gain appreciation amongst the masses.


So, if you are really looking to improve your vertical jump within a short span of time, then it would be a good idea to go through Vert shock review. Considered to be one of the best programs that you would be able to find out there, it would not hurt to know if this workout program would indeed be suitable for you or not.

Hence, to know more, take a look below.


What is the Vert shock program?

So, when talking about vertical jump training, you must have heard about the Vert shock program. Developed by Adam Folker and Justin Darlington, you would find this program to be a step by step system that had been designed while keeping non-athletic and athletic individuals in mind. In just about eight weeks of training, they would be able to add at least 9-15 inches to their vertical jump. To put it quite simply, you could pretty much understand that this kind of training would significantly help to improve your game.

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In the Vert Shock program, you would find the entire program to be divided in to three different phases.


Phase 1 (Pre Shock)

In this phase of Vert shock, your body would be prepared for the succeeding phases. Even though much pressure would not be given, you would still be required to add around three to five inches to your vertical jump.


Phase 2 (Shock Phase)

Considered to be the core of the entire program, you would find the maximum amount of time to be dedicated here. In other words, this phase would comprise of around six weeks. That is why you would find your nervous system to be surprised in order to help you jump higher than you would ever have imagined.


Phase 3 (Post Shock)

By the time you reach this phase, you would find yourself to the end of the program. So since you have already overcome the main hurdle, this phase would not require you to do something extremely taxing. So, within one week, you would just be going over all the various techniques and tactics that you have learned over the past six weeks. This would allow your memory to learn and remember everything so that it would not forget about it anytime soon.


According to the creators Justin and Adam, the reason why this vertical jump training program has been considered to be different from the others is because it does not tend to over-train users. Instead of that, it would use ground-breaking workouts that would specifically target your Type II B muscle fibers. This would ultimately help to add a couple of inches to your vertical jump.

Kobe and Adam

In addition to all this, the Vert shock program would also use a special kind of jump training which is known as plyometric training. This would undoubtedly help to increase the power and explosiveness of your muscles.

Also, since this would be something which you would be completely new, the creators have divided the program in to different components. This would include a pre-shock phase workout plan, step by step exercise videos, vert tracker, quick start guide, shock phase workout plan, and post-shock phase workout plan.

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Aside from all these amazing features, there are four bonus components that you would also be able to enjoy. These are as follows:

  • Dirty secrets to jumping higher

In this quick report, you would find Justin to share some of his best-kept secrets to adding two to five inches to your vertical jump quite fast.

  • 4 vertical jump killers

In this guide, you would find some light being shade on the four important and common things that could be ruining your vertical jump from reaching its full potential.

  • The jumpers’ diet checklist

This guide would give you a full list of foods that you should and should not eat.

  • Weekly check-ins by email

With the help of solid psychological techniques, you would be able to increase your consistency and improve your results.



The Vert shock review would not be complete without discussing some of the benefits that this program has to offer. So if you are curious to find out, take a look below.

  • When going through the program, you would definitely be able to understand that it has been made by two people who know their art quite well. This means that they have the expert know-how and professional qualifications where basketball is concerned.
  • Anybody who would like to improve their vertical jump would be able to use this program. In fact, that is considered to be the ultimate beauty of it.
  • The videos would definitely help in making your life easier since everything would be shown in a step by step manner
  • You would be able to follow this program wherever you would wish since no expensive equipment would be required.
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The review would not be complete without talking about some of the drawbacks that this program seems to have.

  • This could not be considered to be a “magic pill” which means that intense hard work and dedication would be required in order to achieve the results
  • A purely online course which would definitely complicate matters to a certain extent.




Bottom line

Therefore, that brings us to the end of the Vert shock review. Just by looking at the credentials, it would be safe to say that this program would stand out from the rest. This is because this program would be able to deliver amazing results within just eight weeks. The thousands of people who have tried it out would be able to attest to this statement.